P.S You can measure yourself over bare skin, or a loose fitting, relaxed t-shirt.


What is the fabric?

A silky smooth recycled nylon, as buttery soft as you could imagine. It’s sturdy yet flexible... not to mention environmentally friendly (AF).

Does The Binder work for people with larger frames and chest sizes?

Absolutely! This Binder is for every single body that binds (or wants to start!). The sizing runs from 28in through to 62in and since the very beginning we have partnered directly with bodies that sit at all of the points along our sizing chart. This is super important to us as all bodies bind - and all bodies deserve to have quality products that do what they claim. Want some examples? Head to our instagram and checkout our “reviews” highlight to see community feedback and pics.

How many hours a day can I wear The Binder?

Firstly, no one knows your body as well as you do. In regards to binding (and everything else in life) listen to your body and trust your intuition.

Secondly, we have designed The Binder to be safe to wear every single day for several hours at a time! If you’re experiencing discomfort at any point, remember to go back to step 1 of FAQ’s or reach out directly and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I wash The Binder?

The Binder loves to be hand-washed. Use cold water and a little bit of soap. Dry flat to help it maintain its shape and it’ll be happy for a long time 🙂

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes indeed! The Binder comes in a plain cardboard box, and the label doesn’t mention anything about a binder. We also send you a tracking link so you can keep a close eye on it!

What is the fabric?

A silky smooth recycled nylon, as buttery soft as you could imagine. It’s sturdy yet flexible... not to mention environmentally friendly (AF).

Shipping &

How do I get updates on my order?

Check your texts! We like to send regular updates on your order, so don’t be a stranger and feel free to text us anytime if you need more info. P.S We don’t use bots at For Them - there will be a real-life human ready to respond to you... (and we love a cute gif 😉)

How long will it take for me to receive my Binder?

We communicate with you every step of the way. First, we will text you to say your Binder is ready and we will let you know again once it’s shipped. From order to arrival at your door is currently estimated at 2 weeks.

Returns &

What is your return policy?

We want your Binder to fit you correctly, so if it doesn’t, please reach out ASAP. We are happy to offer an exchange within 21 days of purchase, but please ensure The Binder is in its original, unused and unmarked condition or unfortunately we will be unable to accept it. Here is our exchange request form. Once we send you a label, we ask that you ship your binder back to us within one week.

As a small US based business, we sadly cannot facilitate international exchanges or returns.
Reach out to the team if you're unsure about your size, we'd be happy to help!


Do you only sell binders or will you release other products?

We will absolutely release other products. Because of the way our business is structured, we co-create by and for our community, (folx like you!) with a focus always on wellness. This means we will often launch limited drops, so stay subscribed and join our membership to stay in the know or, if you’ve got an idea for something new or a way we can improve, our ears are open 🙂 We love feedback!