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Our Mission

For them is built by and for the queer community.

Our mission is simple - The pursuit of wellness should reflect the diversity that blossoms in our ever-evolving world.  We believe that there is nothing more powerful or more beautiful than human-beings existing as their most expansive and authentic selves. To us, this is nature in full bloom. And like nature, this evolution should be nurtured, marveled and celebrated.

Founder, Chloe Freeman.

”As a queer, non-binary human-being, I saw thousands of companies focusing on products and services that did not speak to my experience. Wellness looks different for everyone. For Them understands and celebrates that.”

of Wellness

Moving, living, shining in my authentic self


Healing and feeding my authentic self


Returning to my truest self and awakening my higher self


My home, within my home, within our home


I learn, I share... I grow


Nurturing my money tree


Connecting with myself & others


When my cup is full, I can pour ...


Finding my people no matter where I am


Coming soon

The Membership

Queer pirate radio, guided journeys for radical self development and space for brave conversations and authentic expression. Applications opening soon.

Tell me more

Launching Soon!

Let us take you on a curated, queer-magical journey through sound and space.

Queer pirate radio, guided journeys for radical self development and a space for authentic expression in brave conversations. Drop your digits to know when applications open.