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Your Top Binder Questions Answered

January 19, 2022

So you're interested in The Binder by For Them but you have a few questions? You've come to the perfect place. We've sourced some of the most common questions from the community and answered them.

How is it reversible?

Magic! Both sides compress equally. We have a lower cut crew neck, perfect for those summer days when you want to button a touch. And we've got a higher v-neck for days when you want maximum coverage. Try each side to see which fits you better.

Is it workout safe?

We don’t recommend strenuous activity in one. But watch this space for some news... 😉

Good for bigger busts?

Yes! It works for chests measuring 28-62”. Even if you have a small waist, it works.

Can I swim in it?

Chlorine doesn’t play nicely with this version. But... stay tuned. 😉

How long can I wear it?

Unlike other binders, ours is safe. Listen to your body. Take breaks when needed.

Can I sleep in it?

Best not to. If you’re recovering from surgery, ask your doc about your options.

Good if I have scoliosis?

We recommend speaking with your doctor first, but know it shapes to your body & spine.

Will you have full length?

We’re not planning to just yet. The half-tank allows you to breathe + move easily.

Is it sensory-issue friendly?

Yes! The material is buttery soft, seams are flat, and the cotton label is flush.

Is it safe for teens?

Yes, because we designed our with everyone’s safety in mind. Our sizes start at 28” around.

What’s it made from?

100% recycled nylon inside & out which is buttery soft. (65% polyamide, 35% elastane).

Do you offer discreet packaging?

All packs are minimally branded, with plain also available. We can use a different name for shipping, too.

How do sizes work?

We use the measurements you give us to map to our custom size. No need to size up or down.

Why can’t I pick a color?

We use a recycled fabric so we take what we can get to prioritize the planet. But you can pick soon!

What’s the price?

$48 (shipping + tax included). They’re made by hand in NYC.

...and if it doesn’t fit?

We gotchu. Get in touch and we’ll get an exchanged started. Returns & exchanges are free.

Did we miss something? Come chat about The Binder with us and actual customers on our Discord server.

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